The power of teamwork

and the engines that move us

Oakhill & District Fire Department Fleet of Apparatus

Snorkel 1

Ladder Truck – NEW

Snorkel 1 has arrived at Oakhill Fire Department for training before being re-branded with our paint colors and other minor modifications.


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Engine 2

2014 Spartan – Pumper Tanker

Built by Metalfab Fire Trucks of Centreville, NB in 2013. Features of Engine 2 are as followed ... 2014 Spartan MetroStar medium 4 door chassis w 20" raised roof, Seating for 6 (5 SCBA), 450 hp Cumins ISL9 engine with Allison 3000EVS automatic transmission, 2250 USGPM (1874 IGPM) Hale QMax pump w dual 5" discharges w electric controls, dual electric MIVs with pre-primers, Class 1 TPG, etc, FoamPro 2001, 2500 imp gal tank, Rear dump valve with electric controls on rear of body & in cab, Hydraulic porta-tank rack w 2500 imp gal porta-tank, Hydraulic ladder rack , 40 ft of combined 6" suction, 8 kW hydraulic generator with full truck-mounted scene lighting, Full Federal Signal warning package w custom designed and manufactured lightbar including front mounted Roto-Ray, 200W Federal electronic siren & Federal Q2B mechanical siren., Full complement of fire suppression equipment including T3Max TIC, electric battery powered PPV fan. This unit is 3rd out for all non-medical calls within the district. It responds as a secondary/supply pumper or tanker when mutual aid requests.

Engine 3

2012 International Rescue Pumper

Built by Metalfab Fire Trucks of Centreville, NB in 2011. Engine 3 has the following features... 2012 International DuraStar 4 door chassis, Seating for 5 (4 SCBA), 330 MaxxForce 9 engine with Allison 3000EVS automatic transmission, 1250 IGPM Hale QMax pump w dual electronic MIVs w pre-primers, Class 1 TPG, etc., FoamPro 2001, 880 imp gal tank, Hydraulic ladder rack, Through the tank suction storage, 10 kW hydraulic generator w Command Light scene lighting, Fully Federal Signal warning package, 200W Federal electronic siren & Federal Q2B mechanical siren, Full complement of fire suppression equipment including T4Max TIC, gas powered PPV fan, electric smoke ejector, chain saws including ventilation and rescue saws, etc, Secondary set of chimney fire suppression equipment, Full set of vehicle stabilization gear including Rescue 42s, Secondary set of Medical First Response equipment including defib. This unit is first out for calls within our district.

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Rescue 4

2017 Dodge Ram 3500

with seating for 5, this versatile vehicle contains a slide out tray and side compartments. It responds to medical calls, traffic accidents and any time we need a utility vehicle. It also is deployed to move the Gator on it's trailer. Our members purchased the truck and completely outfitted it with emergency lights, sirens and other equipment.

Gator 8

2017 John Deere Gator

This 4 passenger off road vehicle is equipped with a water tank and a portable pump in the summer months. This is easily removed when we need to transport hose or other equipment at woods fires. It is often requested at woods fires to help with the movement of personnel and equipment.

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